GoMeetNow is hosted by the service division of R-HUB Communications. Established in 2005, R-HUB is privately-owned and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. 

GoMeetNow services are available at the following sites. Please choose the one closest to you.

GoMeetNow is the only web conferencing service that guarantees the success of online meeting attendance because of its patented technology.

GoMeetNow addresses the needs of those customers who prefer hosted services and may not yet be ready for the R-HUB on-premise servers that power the GoMeetNow service. However, you should consider the R-HUB on-premises server solution when one of following conditions applies:

  1. Many employees in your organization need this productivity tool but the named subscription pricing policy of GoMeetNow become uneconomical.
  2. Your internal meetings must be secured by your firewall protection.
  3. You require a fast local LAN speed for internal collaboration.
  4. You are an International user and wish to reduce latency to achieve “domestic” performance.
  5. You need customization and integration to enhance your branding and user experience.
  6. Your real-time collaboration needs go well beyond web conferencing.

For more information about R-HUB and its on-premises products, go to our website at www.rhubcom.com.

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