100% Attendance, No Download of Any Kind!

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GoMeetNow -- Multi-Function Web Conferencing
for PC & Mac


by CRN Test Center

Welcome to GoMeetNow, the Web conferencing service powered by RHUB TurboMeeting technology. Try it free.
  • Give sales presentation and product demo
  • Support PC or Mac customers remotely
  • Host seminars
  • Provide online training
  • Access to your home & office computers remotely  

RHUB, 2007 Tech Innovator Awards Finalist

100% Attendance, No Download of Any Kind


Starting at $15.95 


Web Conferencing
Web Seminars
Remote Access to My PC
How many of your Web meetings have been ruined by key attendees not able to download & install to join? With RHUB’s TurboMeeting patent pending Universal Attendance technology, everybody can join your meeting! No download of any kind by your attendees!  Read more ...

3 - in - 1, Outstanding Values

GoMeetNow provides you with three web collaboration applications in one package:

  • Web Conferencing - Every attendee with PC or Mac can interact in the meeting. Each can be Presenter (show their screen) and/or Controller (control the Presenter’s computer)
  • Web Seminar - This unique Universal Attendance technology makes  seminars easy to do. It is quick and reliable with 100% attendance!
  • Remote Access to My PC - Enables you to access a remote unattended computer. You can access your office/home computer from your traveling laptop.

Free Audio Conferencing Service

GoMeetNow combines Web conferencing with free audio conferencing to give you a complete meeting solution. Free audio conferencing is provided at no charge. You only pay for a long distance charge if applicable to your phone coverage. Free audio conferencing service is powered by RHUB partner 

GoMeetNow conference call number: 712-432-2460
Access code: The Meeting ID shown on your meeting panel after the meeting starts.

3 Simple Clicks to Start Your Web Meeting 


Feedback from users:

"Slick and simple"
-- Don Cameron, President and CEO, ConferTel

"The process to create a connection is one of the easiest I have seen."
-- Ted Munnich, President and CEO, Black Tulip Systems Corp.

"They [doctors] were amazed on how quickly the application worked and how clear it was"
-- Alex Miyamoto, Director of Customer Support, Breveon

"Demonstrating our Oncology EMR solution is key to our sales. We have had great success with RHUB web conferencing. We always get all of our attendees into a meeting. With the ease of use, busy Doctors and Nurses can join right in without training."
-- John Willey, CEO, Altos Solutions


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