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    GoMeetNow Affiliate Program

    GoMeetNow provides hosted web conferencing service including video conferencing and free audio conferencing. GoMeetNow is the only service provider that guarantees the success of online meeting attendance via its patented technology.

    Starting at $12.95/month for two attendees and only $1/month per additional attendee, GoMeetNow is the most affordable quality web conferencing service provider. Meeting hosts can increase meeting capacity anytime by paying just for one day of cost. These economics make the service attractive to any user, large or small, all time.

    “Online Meeting Tools Review” rates GoMeetNow as one of top four web conference services out of nearly 40 vendors worldwide. “Government Computer News” selected GoMeetNow technology as Reviewer’s Choice. eWeek states that “GoMeetNow Delivers Basics Well”.

    The GoMeetNow affiliate program is available to all qualified publishers. Your commission rate is
    • 200% of the first month subscription fee with the maximum payment of $100.

    The GoMeetNow affiliate program, which is managed by ShareASale, is available at:


    Join GoMeetNow, one of the best and most affordable Web conferencing services.

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    Email: affiliate@gomeetnow.com

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