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    GoMeetNow Demo

    1. Video Demo (10 mins 5 seconds)

    2. Quick User Guide

    This guide covers the steps to host and join a meeting. For detailed functions, please refer to the user manual.

    1. Hosting a Meeting
    2. Joining a Meeting

    Below is the GoMeetNow's main control panel:


    2. Hosting a Meeting

    To host a meeting, you need to have a registered user account. For first-time users, follow the steps below to host a meeting

    Step 1 Click the “Host Meeting” button on the home page and login

    Step 2 When prompted to accept the GoMeetNow download, click “Save File” and run it.

    Step 3 Fill in your Email Address and Password. Click the “Sign in” button.


    Step 4 Click “Host an unscheduled meeting” button (see the Figure above) to start a meeting. Select a meeting type and click the “Continue” button


    The launch of the host control panel above indicates that the meeting has started. Click the “Invite Attendee” button to invite your meeting attendees

    To start a meeting next time, click the GoMeetNow icon on your desktop


    3. Joining a Meeting

    To join a meeting, clicks the "Join Meeting" button.

    Step 1 Fill in the Meeting ID, Meeting Password, and your name. Then, click the “Join Meeting” button

    Step 2 You are prompted to accept the GoMeetNow download. Click “Save File” and run it.

    Now you have joined the meeting. The meeting panel (the figure below) shows you the meeting information, meeting attendees and buttons to transfer files, start webcam and record the meeting.


    To join a meeting second time, click the GoMeetNow icon on your desktop




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