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    GoMeetNow Support

    Your satisfaction is important to us. We want your experience with the GoMeetNow web conferencing service to be as good as “being there”. If you have any problems while using GoMeetNow, please check the FAQs below for answers that might help with your problem. And feel free to contact RHUB support for any GoMeetNow questions:

    1. The best way to contact support is to submit a support ticket. The support email address is 

    2. Call support at 408-642-5221 (1:00am - 6:30pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).

    3. Download User Manual

    4. Supported user environment:


    • Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, 8


    • 10.6 or later


    • iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
    • Freely download at the Apple Store. Production name: TurboMeeting.

         Other platforms (Linux, Unix, Android, etc):

    • a browser can be used to attend a meeting (view only)

    5. FAQs

    1. How do I attend a meeting?
    2. How do I retrieve my lost password? How secured is my password?
    3. Can anyone join my meetings?
    4. How do I cancel my account?
    5. Can I temporarily increase the number of participants for a larger meeting and then decease it?
    6. How do I ensure the best VoIP audio conferencing quality?
    7. How do I ensure the best image quality?
    8. How do I ensure the best speed?
    9. Does GoMeetNow use SSL encryption?
    10. Can I record a meeting?
    11. How do I play the recording?
    12. How can I use GoMeetNow to do remote support?
    13. I experienced reconnection during my meetings. How can I avoid it?
    14. I have trouble to install GoMeetNow. How can I get around it?
    15. I am an international user. Do you have a local server in my region? Can I have one subscription covering all GoMeetNow international servers?

    How do I attend a meeting?

    Click the “Join Meeting” button at the top of this page. On the resulting page, enter the meeting id that the meeting host sent to you, the password (if any), and enter your name, then click the “Join Meeting” button.

    How do I retrieve my lost password? How secured is my password?

    Click the “(Forget password?)” link under the Login button at the login page and enter your email address. The system will send you a new password generated by the system. After you use the new password, click “Account” at the left panel and reset your new password.

    Your user account password is irreversibly encrypted in the database and transmitted over the Internet using SSL. Because of that, you need to remember the password. There is no way for our support staff to retrieve it for you.

    Can anyone join my meetings?

    You can invite anyone to join your meetings. They do not need a GoMeetNow user account.

    How do I cancel my account?

    To cancel your subscription, log in. Click the “Account” link on the left. Then click the “Change Plan” button. Then click the “Cancel Plan” button. Your account will remain active until the end of your billing period.

    You will receive an email notification for every monthly bill. The email will include a link for you to easily click and login to the system and change or cancel your subscription.

    Can I temporarily increase the number of participants for a larger meeting and then decrease it?

    Yes, you can. But you need to increase the license before you start a meeting. After your large meeting ends, update your plan and reduce the number of participants in your plan so that GoMeetNow can give you credit, which can be used to pay for the subscription fees in the coming months. If you have several large meetings within the same day, reduce the license only at the end of the last meeting.

    You are charged only for one day of usage, which is 1/30 of the monthly fees for the increased capacity.

    How do I ensure the best VoIP audio conferencing quality?

    Please follow the tips below:

    1. Ask each attendee to use a headset. Although the system has embedded an echo-canceling function, all meeting participants should use good headsets to avoid echo and reduce background noise. Headsets from Plantronics are highly recommended. Note that when an attendee does not use a headset, everyone else except that attendee will hear an echo. That is, the echo is generated by the attendee who does not use a headset.

    2. When you as the meeting host hear noise or echo, right-click an attendee and change him to use “Push-to-talk”. If this does not fix the problem, change the attendee to use “Free-to-talk” again and then select a different attendee. Once you find the attendee who causes the echo and noise, leave him in the “Push-to-talk” mode for the entire meeting.

    How do I ensure the best image quality?

    The following lists the ways to ensure the best image quality:

    1. Use the 100% zoom. By default, the system uses the "Fit-to-screen" zoom, which decreases the image quality greatly. Fit-to-screen brings convenience to viewers without scrolling the view window.

    2. Use the Interactive Meeting type to force attendees to use the download client software. If there is one attendee using a browser-only client in a meeting session, the image quality will decrease slightly.

    3. If you as the presenter want to show your attendees your screen image with absolutely 100% accuracy, click the "Tools" menu, select "Change Color" and then choose "True color". Note that the true color will decrease the speed greatly. It is designed mainly for artists and physicians. For most users, the "High quality" option is more than enough. As an ordinary viewer, you can hardly see any image quality difference between True Color and High Quality. Click here for the image quality comparison between TurboMeeting and WebEx.

    How do I ensure the best speed?

    GoMeetNow is one of the few systems in the industry that deliver the best and consistent speed. To ensure you can have the best speed, please follow the suggestions below:

    1. Do not use wireless connection, which slows down the performance significantly.

    2. If you are the presenter in a meeting, reduce your screen resolution or use application sharing to reduce the display area .

    3. Do not use the "True Color" image quality of GoMeetNow. It is designed for special use cases such as art design and medial image analysis.

    4. Avoid using webcams, which add significant burden to your bandwidth.

    5. Use the downloaded client software for the best bandwidth optimization.

    6. Choose a GoMeetNow server located in your area. 

    What speed is considered as good speed? When the presenter screen (in 1024 x 768 pixel resolution for this discussion) changes completely, for example, changing a full-screen PowerPoint presentation slide, the system takes most time to move the presenter's screen image to viewers' desktop. The time required for this worst case is what is used to measure the system speed. The following is the user experience regarding speed:

    1. Good: 1 - 2 seconds

    2. Acceptable: 3 - 5 seconds

    3. Unacceptable: 8+ seconds

    GoMeetNow can achieve the good speed (i.e., 1 - 2 seconds) for you. To have the speed, you would need at least 1.5 mbps Internet connection. If you don't have the bandwidth, your meetings will still perform, just at a slower speed.

    If you are an international user or have international attendees, the Internet transmission speed cross continents is the single major factor affecting the speed. If GoMeetNow does not have a server in your area, you may consider to purchase a RHUB web conferencing appliance, which powers GoMeetNow, and deploy your own web conferencing service with local or domestic speed.

    Does GoMeetNow use SSL encryption?

    All user passwords, meeting passwords and meeting IDs are transmitted via SSL between GoMeetNow clients and the GoMeetNow server.

    Can I record a meeting?

    Yes. On the TurboMeeting Control Panel, click the Record icon. Make certain that your computer’s microphone is on. If attendees are talking via the telephone, turn your speakerphone on so your computer’s microphone can pick up their voices. When you are finished recording, click the Stop Recording icon and choose the name for save the recording.

    You can also convert your recordings to standard formats: Flash (FLV), AVI and WMV. Download the recording converter here.

    How do I play the recording?

    You can double click on the saved recording. The recording will begin playing automatically. You can pause the recording, scan forward or backward and change the volume during playback.

    How can I use GoMeetNow to do remote support?

    You can use GoMeetNow to remotely support PC and Mac computers. Follow the procedure below:

    1. Start an interactive meeting session & invite the supportee (attendee) to join your session

    2. After supportee joins your session, change the presenter to supportee.

    3. After supportee accepts to show his desktop, ask him to assign controller to you.

    Now you have control of the remote computer.

    Note that the supportee may get easily confused by Step 2 and 3. Also, the control you get for the remote computer is limited. For example, you cannot control the remote computer after reboot. You cannot remotely logout and login as a different user or an administrator. You lose control when UAC dialogs (a security feature of Vista and Windows) prompt.

    To avoid those confusions and many limitations, you need a solution specialized for remote support. You may consider to use, which is a hosted remote support service provided by RHUB, the service provider of GoMeetNow.  Or you may consider the RHUB's 4-in-1 web conferencing and remote support appliance to have two applications together. Go to for more information.

    I experienced reconnection during my meetings. How can I avoid it?

    The reconnection is due to the unreliable underlying Internet connection. Different from your online browsing experience, GoMeetNow requires persistent Internet connection. Any short period of disconnection will introduce auto-reconnection. To avoid it, check the followings:

    1. Don't use wireless if possible. Wireless is most unreliable.

    2. Try to use a different router. Some cheap routers, especially those for home use, are not reliable and constantly introduce disconnection even with wired connection.

    I have trouble to install GoMeetNow. How can I get around it?

    If you have any trouble in installing GoMeetNow, download this zipped GoMeetNow. Run for "TurboMeeting.exe" after unzip it. You may want to create a shortcut of the executable on your desktop for convenience.

    I am an international user. Do you have a local server in my region? Can I have one subscription covering all GoMeetNow international servers?

    Currently, GoMeetNow has the following sites. Please choose the one closer to you for better performance.

    1. North America:

    2. Europe:

    3. India:

    4. China:

    Your subscription with one site is limited to the site only. Each site operates independently.


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